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If you dress like you’re in 6th grade, then you will not have a chance with girls. Follow these simple tips to upgrade your style tenfold.

–       NO MORE baggy pants. Ill fitting pants do not complement anyone’s figure. Length is going to be more exact, whereas waist you have an inch leeway in case your weight fluctuates or you will be tucking in your shirt.

–       NO Bootcut or Carpenter jeans…Unless you’re going to a middle school themed party, then you’d be a hit. Doesn’t have to be skinny jeans or tapered necessarily, but at least get straight cut. After that you can progressively move to slim straight.

–       Darker wash jeans look better then light wash. They’re more stylish and again we’re evolving from those prepubescent days.

–       You don’t have to spend $200 on jeans, although some girls can tell the difference. Levi’s is probably the most affordable mixed with good quality. H&M and Gap always have  great deals on jeans.

Sometimes jeans are more expensive, because no matter what your body type is, they are able to show off your best ASSets. However, if you are a college student or have plenty of bills, then it is okay to settle for a cheaper pair. However, in order to really flatter your look and attract more women physically, you have to have more form fitting pants. This may involve different brands and/or yes changing your body type. This will be the segway to my fitness pieces. You don’t need to lose 30lbs, but tightening up that figure or bulking up for those scrawny guys definitely helps with respect to the female eye.