Credo: I believe in the evolution and refinement of the young modern gentleman. My blog will serve as an educational guide to misled individuals in the areas of style, courtship, health, and self-empowerment. I hope to lead as many as possible through the transformation from barely noticed boy, to a highly sought after and irresistible man.

My identity will remain in anonymity which will allow for more honesty and candor on my part. Bottom line, I will be extremely blunt and tell you what you need to hear, because things in your life won’t change for you unless I do. I could tell you how successful I’ve been with numerous girls and garnering their attention, but none of that would matter in terms of building legitimate credibility. So for now, I will just ask you to trust me. We live in America, which the beautiful thing is that you have the choice to listen or not listen to what I have to say. BUT, I implore you to try out some of my tips, and if you find any of them useful, please pass them along. I also am open to questions and will try to respond as best I can. For now, you may come to know me as David Debonair.

Yours Truly,





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