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Intro to Health / Working Out

Six Pack, Cut Arms, Huge Biceps, Big Chest, Chiseled Jawline… Yes women do notice these types of things, however, these things are NOT the end all be all to getting your girl. Confidence is key, but if you don’t feel good about your body, then chances are you won’t feel good about yourself, i.e. exude any amount of confidence…Look Good, Feel Good!!

Tip 1.) Do not measure by how much weight you lose, but by how your clothes fit. Don’t want our guts sticking out of our shirts, don’t want to see man boobies protruding through our sweaters, don’t want to look scrawny and unable to fill out a beater/tank top.

Tip 2.) It can’t be a fad, a new diet you’re trying, or just a 90 day run through of your P90x videos…IT HAS TO BE A LIFESTLE CHANGE. If you try to lose weight drastically for that wedding coming up in 2 weeks, or bulk up and build muscle before your beach trip in a month, chances are you are basically crash dieting/crash working out. It paid off during your event, but then you’ll be so burnt out, and let loose during the trip that you won’t want to continue after.

See it as a favor to your body…to your life. Your health is extremely important, and if you want to live longer, then being healthy is key. Also, you may be an ex athlete or just love playing sports. See working out as a means to become a better athlete. The point is, that if you don’t get on a normal routine, and simply go 2,000% just before your big events, then you won’t last, trust me.

Tip 3.) Start Slow. Slower. Okay good. In terms of your diet, don’t just go into it hardcore and only eating salads and celery sticks. Start by slowly eliminating things or reducing things like soda, fast food, too many fried foods, chips, snacks, etc. Get on a workout routine. Either join a gym, sign up for a basketball league or intramural sport, or run around your neighborhood 3 times a week before you head to work. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change and the key is to stay consistent and to develop healthy and fit habits.

Tip 4.) Motivating yourself is the hardest thing. Therefore, share your goals and path to a new healthier/fit lifestyle with someone. You can work out together which I always try to advise, and when one person is slacking, you can kick each other in the butt. Also, pop in the movie “300” or just look at any athlete on TV…that’ s added motivation to get on that level.

–       I’m not a certified personal trainer, but have been working out my entire life, am an athlete (of sorts), and Mens Health.com has been my bible.  I lost about 20-30lbs in the last 2 years, and added on more lean muscle mass.  If you have any specific questions or need specific advice, feel free to message me.

As this is the first health post, I gave a brief overview on my thoughts about working out and making it a new lifestyle. Keep a lookout for future posts about actual workouts/tips/diet regimens that are effective for losing weight/gaining muscle.

In good health,




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