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Avoid any sexual innuendos for just a few minutes…

Lack of confidence, emo sensitivity, and feminine characteristics DO NOT attract women. The statement “nice guys finish last,” has much validity, but at the same time you don’t need to be an asshole to get their attention. First and foremost, just be confident in yourself and what you have to offer. Most importantly, don’t be a pathetic “woe is me” dote to try and get sympathy from anyone especially girls. If you’re looking for some friend zone action, then by all means go ahead. Girls don’t want the sad lil boy who they need to pull up out of the river of tears. They want the bad boy who’s gonna pull them up, hoist them over their shoulder, and ride off into the sunset on their motorcycle.

If you can’t pull off the bad boy persona, go for angles of being mysterious, extremely witty and charming, or in all seriousness be the most interesting man in the world. The guy from the Dos Equis commercial is actually someone to model yourself after. Find your niche, learn some new tricks, read a lot of books, have conversations with different people from all walks of life, but NEVER be fake. Be true to who you are, and girls will have to respect you for that. If they don’t, they’re not worth it to begin with.




Essentials: Health

1.)   Almonds – Natural power and energy. Almonds are a great source of protein and good for your mid day snack which helps to curb your appetite. It’s better to snack on some almonds then a bag of chips, plus 6g of protein from 20 almonds is pretty daym good.

2.)   Green Tea – I’ve cut out coffee and soda especially as a means of caffeine to keep me awake. It has a lot of antioxidants, and good for your digestion as well as metabolism.

3.)   Egg Whites – Packed with protein, and doesn’t have high fat content. Perfect for losing or gaining weight. Egg White Omelets/Egg Whites on Wheat or Multigrain Toast/Egg Whites and some old bay or salt. You can occasionally have some of the yolk, but its high in cholesterol. Also, stop frying your eggs in oil! Either get egg beaters egg whites which don’t need oil, or hard boil your eggs.

4.)   Steaming Pot/equipment – Most diets fail, because people neglect to incorporate enough (if any) greens into their daily intake. Cold raw veggies can be hard to swallow sometimes, so having a steamer brings some life, flavor, and great texture. Broccoli, Spinach, Asparagus are just a few of my top favorites.

5.)   Water Bottle – Nalgene Bottles are great for example to keep with you at all times. You should be drinking 6-8 cups of water a day. It helps you feel full, hydrates your body especially your muscles, and cleanses/flushes  a lot of waste non essential  impurities within your body.


Intro to Health / Working Out

Six Pack, Cut Arms, Huge Biceps, Big Chest, Chiseled Jawline… Yes women do notice these types of things, however, these things are NOT the end all be all to getting your girl. Confidence is key, but if you don’t feel good about your body, then chances are you won’t feel good about yourself, i.e. exude any amount of confidence…Look Good, Feel Good!!

Tip 1.) Do not measure by how much weight you lose, but by how your clothes fit. Don’t want our guts sticking out of our shirts, don’t want to see man boobies protruding through our sweaters, don’t want to look scrawny and unable to fill out a beater/tank top.

Tip 2.) It can’t be a fad, a new diet you’re trying, or just a 90 day run through of your P90x videos…IT HAS TO BE A LIFESTLE CHANGE. If you try to lose weight drastically for that wedding coming up in 2 weeks, or bulk up and build muscle before your beach trip in a month, chances are you are basically crash dieting/crash working out. It paid off during your event, but then you’ll be so burnt out, and let loose during the trip that you won’t want to continue after.

See it as a favor to your body…to your life. Your health is extremely important, and if you want to live longer, then being healthy is key. Also, you may be an ex athlete or just love playing sports. See working out as a means to become a better athlete. The point is, that if you don’t get on a normal routine, and simply go 2,000% just before your big events, then you won’t last, trust me.

Tip 3.) Start Slow. Slower. Okay good. In terms of your diet, don’t just go into it hardcore and only eating salads and celery sticks. Start by slowly eliminating things or reducing things like soda, fast food, too many fried foods, chips, snacks, etc. Get on a workout routine. Either join a gym, sign up for a basketball league or intramural sport, or run around your neighborhood 3 times a week before you head to work. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change and the key is to stay consistent and to develop healthy and fit habits.

Tip 4.) Motivating yourself is the hardest thing. Therefore, share your goals and path to a new healthier/fit lifestyle with someone. You can work out together which I always try to advise, and when one person is slacking, you can kick each other in the butt. Also, pop in the movie “300” or just look at any athlete on TV…that’ s added motivation to get on that level.

–       I’m not a certified personal trainer, but have been working out my entire life, am an athlete (of sorts), and Mens Health.com has been my bible.  I lost about 20-30lbs in the last 2 years, and added on more lean muscle mass.  If you have any specific questions or need specific advice, feel free to message me.

As this is the first health post, I gave a brief overview on my thoughts about working out and making it a new lifestyle. Keep a lookout for future posts about actual workouts/tips/diet regimens that are effective for losing weight/gaining muscle.

In good health,



If you dress like you’re in 6th grade, then you will not have a chance with girls. Follow these simple tips to upgrade your style tenfold.

–       NO MORE baggy pants. Ill fitting pants do not complement anyone’s figure. Length is going to be more exact, whereas waist you have an inch leeway in case your weight fluctuates or you will be tucking in your shirt.

–       NO Bootcut or Carpenter jeans…Unless you’re going to a middle school themed party, then you’d be a hit. Doesn’t have to be skinny jeans or tapered necessarily, but at least get straight cut. After that you can progressively move to slim straight.

–       Darker wash jeans look better then light wash. They’re more stylish and again we’re evolving from those prepubescent days.

–       You don’t have to spend $200 on jeans, although some girls can tell the difference. Levi’s is probably the most affordable mixed with good quality. H&M and Gap always have  great deals on jeans.

Sometimes jeans are more expensive, because no matter what your body type is, they are able to show off your best ASSets. However, if you are a college student or have plenty of bills, then it is okay to settle for a cheaper pair. However, in order to really flatter your look and attract more women physically, you have to have more form fitting pants. This may involve different brands and/or yes changing your body type. This will be the segway to my fitness pieces. You don’t need to lose 30lbs, but tightening up that figure or bulking up for those scrawny guys definitely helps with respect to the female eye.



Getting Her Attention in a Social Setting

 Envision Wedding Crashers…Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn tear up wedding party after wedding party even amongst complete strangers. No one knows them at first, but by the end of the party EVERYBODY wants to either be them or be around them. Let’s do a socio/psychological breakdown of how they performed such a feat. First, forget the notion of lying, because I don’t endorse the notion of pretending to be someone you’re not (*unless you’re in Vegas lol).

–       They were the life of the party, because they seemed like they were fun to be around. They had this infections aura about them that attracted anyone and everyone even from a distance. Here’s a secret…they were truly and genuinely having a good time. People can see that, especially those of the opposite sex.  It’s an intangible asset that can actually be an aphrodisiac of sorts and at the very least catch the attention of your target.

–       You CAN’T be sitting by yourself at the bar hoping some girl will just magically come up to talk to you. And no you do not look very fun to be around; despite you being thoroughly amused playing ‘Draw Something’ by yourself on your iPhone. Find someone who looks cordial enough and not too preoccupied to at least be able to strike up some small talk while you sit down for a meal or a drink. If their first sight of you is by yourself, they’ll immediately think that there’s a reason why you are solo and/or why no one wants to talk to you.

–       There is a term “motion creates emotion,” but for the purpose of this lesson, we will simply say that commotion creates emotion. The closet teacher inside me always likes using examples to fortify points. Have you ever seen one of those guys on the street shuffling three cards on a table, while having people try and guess where the Ace is? There is a whole crowd huddled around, so from a distance, you have no idea what’s going on until you approach. The same exact principle is in effect in numerous social settings. If she sees people gathered around you and there is a commotion of conversation and strong body language displayed, then most likely she will inquisitively be curious as to what the ruckus is all about. The good thing is that you don’t need a crowd of 20, just 2 maybe 3 tops to accomplish your feat. The goal is to get her attention, have her look over your way, make eye contact, and connect. The even bigger goal is after that split second connection is to wave her over to have her see for herself what she’s missing.

This is part 1 of the lesson.  In Part 2 we can delve into different ways of being interesting enough to have a mini crowd and to create the eye catching commotion.

Yours Truly,